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Butterworth, Malaysia to Hanoi, Vietnam

January 1998

These notes are written six years after the trip, so they are a bit vague. The prices numbers are accurate, but may have been Canadian or American dollars. The photos shown here are stolen from other sites. We did take some pictures but I haven’t scanned them in yet. When I do, I will update these pages.

Kevin attended my wedding a few years before this trip. He had some time left in South East Asia afterwards and he wanted to see some of China, so we investigated whether it was possible for him to travel there overland from Malaysia, just to see if it could be done. At the time, all reading suggested that there was always at least one closed land border blocking the way. It may have been Thailand – Cambodia in combination with Laos – Vietnam and Laos China. In the end, Kevin flew to Hong Kong and then to Shanghai.

This time it appeared that some borders had opened up, so I decided to join Kevin and try again. This time Hanoi was the destination, as Kevin’s friend, Samantha, was working there at the time. I had met her once before in Hong Kong. I did most of the planning as I was already in Malaysia. Kevin flew down to join me and we headed off.

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